About Snookums Early Learning Centre

Snookums Early Learning Centre Philosophy

Our centre’s philosophy is based on the idea of respect. Respect for children, their families and the team members of our centres.

This respect will be conveyed in every action and decision made in regards to the running of the centre.

We strive to provide an Early Childhood Education centre that is driven by the needs of our clients – that is our children and their families

It is our expectation that our centres will be places where children are seen as capable and competent, where each child is seen as unique and their individual backgrounds are not only respected but embraced and included in our curriculum.

Our centres will provide a standard of care that embraces the culture of all families that utilise our centres and the communities in which our centres exist.

We expect that our centres provide a curriculum in which the overriding requirement is Joy. “This is our benchmark and our learning goal”.

We support our team in its efforts to provide the highest quality, child driven curriculums in facilities that are undergoing continual improvements. We strive to provide a supportive team environment to assist centres in their delivery of quality care.

We do this by listening to and being responsive to our team’s requirements and balancing these against the needs of our clients, staff and licensee.

The Goals for Snookums Early Learning Centre

  • Provide a healthy, safe, enjoyable, and responsive environment where children will feel secure and comfortable.
  • Respect, accept and appreciate each child and their individual differences.
  • Provide learning opportunities designed to promote physical, social, emotional, cognitive and language development.
  • Provide programs based on individual observations made of each child taking into account their strengths, weaknesses, interests, special needs, socio-cultural background and religion.
  • Encourage each child’s independence, autonomy and self-discipline.
  • Maintain an environment free of racial or sexual bias, stereotype or prejudice.
  • Provide regular information for parents and encourage their questions, opinions and involvement into all aspects of the centre.
  • To provide regular opportunities for staff to enhance their knowledge through professional development seminars etc.