Interactive Smartboards

At Snookums Child Care we believes it is important to give each child opportunities to grow and to support them with interactive learning.

Our Kindergarten has computers and now has Smart Board Technology. Educational CD’s are used to teach the children a variety of technical skills. The teachers will also use the computers to assist the children to research topics of interest and to extend their knowledge and skills. The centre also has digital cameras for the children to assist in document their learning.

As schools move progressively into a digital learning environment, interactive smart boards are being widely adopted in primary and secondary classrooms. They are powerful learning tools in the classroom, adding interactivity and collaboration, as well as allowing the integration of media content into the learning environment. Used innovatively, they create a wide range of learning opportunities.

At Snookums Child Care we feel it is important to keep up with the latest technologies. The technology now used in our centers enriches early learning experiences for young children and makes learning enjoyable for all.

Our centre is implementing the use of a technology called SMART Board. These are interactive touch screens which are replacing traditional chalkboards. The SMART Board allows touch control of Microsoft computer applications and associated learning software. Our center educators will be using the SMART Boards to assist in enhancing the children’s daily class activities. In addition, children use this technology to play interactive learning games which enhance learning skills, such as math and reading.

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